Hello California CRS! Welcome to your spot for information about everything CRS!

As you know, education is our top priority and we strive to provide REALTORS® with wonderful opportunities to excel in their business. California CRS has arranged for 2 One Day Courses and 2 Two Day Courses. We are doing our best to select courses and locations that appeal to you! We will hold courses in Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Valencia, and Lake Tahoe. Our first course is on March 13th in Sacramento!

If you are interested in getting more involved with CRS to develop your leadership skills and help with some of our events, we would love to hear from you.

While we encourage you to share in a wide range of topics for all to learn and grow, we will adhere to the general Social Media etiquette and expect that there be no solicitation or posting of listings.

I am very open to new ideas and want to hear what it is that will help make your CRS designation valuable to you.

Here’s to a great 2017 and I look forward to seeing you at our CRS events!

Melanie McShane
California State Chair 2017

Local Networks  

Are you interested in becoming a Local Network Leader?  We are looking for California CRS agents who would like to be involved in organizing regional education and networking events in 2017 and 2018.  Please contact Melanie McShane if you are interested information on becoming a Local Network Leader.

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