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Local Networks  

LNG= Local Network Group

Tallahasse Florida LNG - Mariela Bartens

Panhandle Florida LNG - Clare Podemski

West Central Florida LNG - Silvia Dukes

Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg Florida LNG - Kathy Razzano, Liaison - April Gausman

Ponte Verde Florida LNG – Kim Sandberg

Sarasota/Manatee Florida LNG - Kristin K. Triolo, Liaison - Yvonne Goody

Broward Florida LNG - Gary Lanham, Liaison - Bonnie Metviner 

Miami Florida Oscar Resek, Liaison - Vivian Macais

Key West Florida LNG - Maya Thomas, Liaison - Sandra Fernandez

Treasure Coast of Florida LNG - Diane Romer

North East Florida LNG – Cliff Baker

Orlando/Kissimmee Florida LNG – James Williams III

Convention Leader - Wendy Rodriquez


Want to be more involved with CRS in your local market area ? We are always looking for more CRS members to help coordiante networking events and education in your local market area ! Contact us today!

                            At Large Volunteers

Sal Aleguas, Alexis Bolin, Susan Bradley, Shannon Damschen, Yvonne Goody, Bob Grant, Susanna Madden, Linda MartignettiMary McCall, Michael Morris, Sharyn RoseMary Smith, and Lucretia Thomas

Get Involved    

Whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of CRS.  Volunteering also connects you to other members and expanding your network.  Contact Paula Urbinati, with your questions, a description of your expertise or interest and how much time you have to give.

State CRS Files  

No Files Available