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Local Networks  

LNG= Local Network Group

Tallahasse Florida LNG - Mariela Bartens

Panhandle Florida LNG - Clare Podemski

West Central Florida LNG - Silvia Dukes

Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg Florida LNG - Kathy Razzano, Liaison - April Gausman

Sarasota/Manatee Florida LNG - Kristin K. Triolo

Broward/Miami Florida LNG - Gary Lanham, Liaison - Bonnie Metviner & Oscar Resek

Key West Florida LNG - Maya Thomas, Liaison - Sandra Fernandez

Treasure Coast of Florida LNG - Diane Romer

North East Florida LNG – Cliff Baker & - Kim Sandberg

Orlando/Kissimmee Florida LNG – James Williams III

Convention Chair - Wendy Rodriquez


Want to be more involved with CRS in your local market area ? We are always looking for more CRS members to help coordiante networking events and education in your local market area ! Contact us today!

Get Involved    

Whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of CRS.  Volunteering also connects you to other members and expanding your network.  Contact Paula Urbinati, with your questions, a description of your expertise or interest and how much time you have to give.