CALL TO ACTION! We need State CRS Volunteer Leaders!

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You can make a difference.
Any CRS member can make a difference. Volunteer leadership positions at CRS provide an opportunity for members to exchange best practices and provide feedback and advice on the Council's planned programs and initiatives. Volunteering at CRS can help members enhance leadership skills in their professional and personal lives while making a valuable contribution to the Council.
If you are interested in:
  • Developing financial policies and monitoring adherence for the Council.
  • Recommending nominations for leadership positions.
  • Education and training that can help in working with buyers, sellers, business building or professional development.
  • Helping State CRS leadership teams to coordinate local activities, increase membership, engage local members and expand learning opportunities.
  • Marketing and promotion that can help increase awareness and understanding of the CRS designation among buyers, sellers, the industry and globally.
  • Finance Committee
  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Education Mastermind Division
  • Regional Mastermind Division
  • Outreach Mastermind Division

Are you ready to contribute?


Follow these simple steps.

  1. Review the available volunteer opportunities, eligibility requirements and the commitment involved at 
  2. Choose one volunteer opportunity that you'd be interested in participating in and complete the online application.*
  3. If appointed to one of the Committees or Mastermind Divisions, attendance is required at both the May and November meetings (at member's expense). You also may be asked to participate in online meetings or conference calls throughout the year.
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CALL TO ACTION! We need State CRS Volunteer Leaders!

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