Welcome to the new Maryland/DC CRS

Hello and welcome to the new Maryland/DC CRS. We are excited about the plans we have for the coming year. This is where will we share the latest & greatest news on everything about Maryland/DC CRS– from information on events, networking opportunities and industry updates.

We hope to have Maryland/DC CRS members spotlighted monthly. Along the way, we’ll try to make this blog a touch more interesting to read than your refrigerator’s user manual.

So subscribe to this blog, share your feedback and let us know want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future.


Until next time friends…

Maryland/DC CRS blogger

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So excited for our new online platform

June 5, 2015 03:56 PM by Jennifer Ward, CRS

We are excited to have a new website platform. It will be a wonderful experience to communicate and stay connected with our local CRS members. 

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Welcome to the new Maryland/DC CRS