Well here we are in the hot, hot July weather-showing homes in a great market!  It was 106 yesterday in Amarillo, and that is the time we are thankful for our breeze.  Our Executive council is working to get classes together with CE credit (thanks to Nancy Herzig and National).  We are going to be able to have video classes in outlying areas.  If you are interested in your area, please contact me or Nancy Herzig, and we will try to assist you in this.

Remember our state TAR convention in September with Colleen McMahan coming to attend our meetings and luncheon.  I would like to thank National, especially Matt Schroeder, Matt Szuminski, and Colleen McMahon for all they have done to keep me on track and having patience with all the questions we keep asking. 

Enjoy the warm days and may you have many CRS referral closings this summer!

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