Win-Win Negotiation Techniques
Format: Classroom
Course Credit: 8 Credits
Credit Type: CRS Course
Duration: 1 Day
Instructor(s): Mark Given CE Credit: VA (8 Hrs.)

To successfully represent and satisfy their customers, agents must be effective negotiators. In fact, the most recent NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports that 87% of buyers identified negotiation skills as a very important quality for their real estate agents. Since another key element of success is developing and sustaining relationships, agents must consider not only the outcome of a negotiation but also their rapport with the other party. This course provides negotiation strategies that enable you to achieve mutually satisfying results rather than haggling over issues that can derail transactions. Through highly-interactive role playing activities, you will develop and practice scripts that can prepare you to successfully negotiate with all parties in a transaction, including clients, other agents, and service providers.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
Establish and maintain rapport with other parties in a negotiation
Learn about other parties needs and identify their interests
Effectively prepare for negotiations by exploring actionable solutions and creating a game plan
Respond more effectively to issues that commonly arise during your transactions


Roanoke Valley Association of REALTORS®

4358 Starkey Road

Roanoke, VA 274018


October 19, 2017

8:30am - 5:00pm 

Speaker Information:

Mark Given


The Speaker/Teacher      

Mark changes businesses and improves lives. For over two decades, Mark has shared his positive and powerful Sales Mastery and Achieving Priorities Systems with thousands of people and hundreds of businesses across the world. Audiences and classes say that Mark’s speaking and teaching delivery is timely, relevant, witty, engaging, funny, cutting edge and a breath of fresh air.

The Author

In addition to his speaking and teaching career, Mark is a prolific Author, evidenced by his top-selling book series “Finding My Why Ernie’s Journey”, “Finding My Why Glori’s Story”, “The Priority Project Action Guide”, and “Mark’s Minute-52 Success Strategies”. He continues to have a powerful influence through his keynote speeches, educational sessions, books, and CD’s. Mark knows and loves to share the skills, language, and stories of accomplished business leaders from diverse industries (sales, banking, insurance, education, etc). He understands how to identify the practical and simple lessons that grow people, their businesses and their lives.

The Person

Mark grew up in a rural Ohio town, headed to North Carolina to finish college, and resides in a small NC community with his wife of 38 years. Together, they have raised 5 great kids and inspire 6 grandchildren. Their four sons are all Eagle Scouts, one son is a serial entrepreneur, another is a dentist, and two work for Disney in Customer Relations. Mark’s daughter is a soon to be college graduate and Disney Princess! She’s Perfect in every way!

The Businessman

After attending The Ohio State University and graduating from Elon College, Mark spent 20 years as CEO of a multi-state retail sales and rental company that grew to 47 locations. He spent the next 16 years as a REALTOR©, volunteer, and community leader. All along the way, Mark has invested tens of thousands of hours speaking and sharing business success, sales and personal mastery systems with companies and organizations just like yours.

CRS Instructor

Mark was hired by CRS at the 2006 NAR Mid-Year meetings as a Workshop leader and advanced to Senior instructor in August 2008

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